Geranium maderense Geurnsey White


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Common Name: White Madeira Cranesbill

Seed Count: 10
Family:  Hardy Biennial

Geranium maderense Geurnsey White – New introduction. Robust biennial producing a stunning huge bouquet made up of 100’s of gorgeous pink eyed white flowers in late spring summer. The deeply cut leaves are dark green and held at the end of red stems the lower stems bending to the ground to provide support to the massive truss of flowers. Plant dies after flowering but self seeds prolifically. Enjoys a sheltered part of the garden in sun or part shade in well drained fertile soil. Protect from hard frost. 90cm  x 60cm

Sowing Advise

Sow Geranium maderense seeds in good quality compost or seed raising mix at anytime to 2mm deep. Do not use heat, this seed is a very slow germinator and after sowing will usually not germinate if kept above 14 degree C. Sow in a cool bright spot in seed tray or cool bright spot outside. Protect from birds. Grow on individual seedlings in 7.5cm pots. Once large enough plant out in a well drained open sheltered position.