Geranium psilostemon Red Propellers


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Common Name: Geranium Red Propellers
Seed Count: 10
Family: Hardy Perennial

Bright magenta pink blooms with dark eyes are scattered over lush green foliage make this very striking perennial a ‘must have’. The attractive foliage turns red in autumn. This hardy geranium thrives in both full sun and light shade. Enjoys humus rich, well drained soil. Cut back after flowering. 75cm x 60cm.

Sowing Advice

Sow seeds in good quality compost or seed raising mix at any time. Lightly cover with fine river sand or compost to their own depth. Place in a propagator or cover with a plastic lid in a warm place. We recommend germinating at 15-20 degrees C keep moist at all times, but do not saturate. These seeds may sometimes wait for spring before emerging. Please be patient as these seeds can take up to 12 months to germinate. Pot on seedlings to harden off and mature before finally planting out in the garden.