Geranium rubescens


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Common Name: Geranium yeoi

Seed Count: 20
Family:  Hardy Biennial


Geranium rubescens – Also Known as Geranium yoei this hardy biennial  from Madeira has sprays of small deep pink flowers  with a reddish centre and are held above beetroot red stems and leaves somewhat similar to G. maderense only the plant is not quite as tall. It has a very long flowering season over late spring summer. Will self seed to perpetuate itself. Great for planting in those hard spots like under the house eaves. Enjoys full sun to part shade. In well drained soil.  50cm x 45cm.

Sowing Advise

Sow Geranium Geranium rubescens seeds in good quality compost or seed raising mix at anytime . Lightly cover with fine river sand or compost to their own depth. Place in a propagator or cover with a plastic lid in a warm place. We recommend germinating at 15-20 degrees C. Keep moist at all times, but do not saturate. Germination can be irregular and may not occur until spring. Pot on seedlings to harden off and mature before finally planting out in the garden