Gunnera manicata


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Common Name: Giant Ornamental Rhubarb
Seed Count: 50
Family: Hardy Perennial

A spectacular plant from South America with huge round leaves up to 1m across these are held on tall bristled stalks up tp 180cm tall. Long spikes of greenish red flowers are borne in summer. Thrives in a boggy soil or pond side planting. Best in shade to part shade and protect from wind. Winter dormant.  2m x 2m.

Sowing Advice

Sow seeds in good quality compost or seed raising mix at anytime. Sow thinly and evenly on the surface of the soil. Tamp gently into the soil. (Do not touch seed as skin oils interfere with the germination.) Keep seed tray moist at all times. Use a plastic cover with ventilation and provide heat bed at 15 to 25 degrees C. Do not allow temperature to fall below 10 degrees C. Germination should occur in 15 to 60 days. Do not disturb seedlings during first year. Give dilute liquid fertilizer during growing season. Do not  expose seedlings to full or direct sun.