Heima salicifolia


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Common Name: Sinicuichi

Seed Count: 20
Family:  Hardy Shrub

Heima salicifolia –  Hardy flowering shrub from Mexico and central America. This sub shrubby plant is an unlikely member of the ‘Loosestrife family. The thin woody stems are clad with narrow lance shaped leaves. Masses of bright yellow flowers appear in early spring.  This plant is said to be have used by the Aztecs during trance rituals. Prefers well drained soils in dry hot climates in full sun. Drought tolerant, but frost tender.  1.2m x 1.2m.

Sowing Advise

Sow Heima salicifolia seed at any time in a well drained, sandy compost  or  seed raising mix and cover thinly with well washed river sand or grit and keep moist. Keep at between 15-20degrees C . Germination time is around 4 to 6 weeks. Some seeds may take longer. Prick out into  75mm tubes and grow on until large enough to plant out in the garden.