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Helichrysum monstrosum


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Helichrysum monstrosum
SALE: Buy 1 get 2 packs

Helichrysum monstrosum has everlasting daisies of rich, deep scarlet-red.
Not permitted for entry to WA.

Long & prolific blooming with rich scarlet red everlastings

This Scarlet Everlasting is long and prolific blooming through spring and summer.
And the papery flowers are beautifully framed by silver foliage.

Superb cut flowers and excellent dried

The abilities of Helichrysum monstrosum as a cut flower for floristry are legendary, both when harvested and used  fresh, and also dried for everlasting arrangements.

Very tolerant of heat & dry

Helichrysum monstrosum revels in Full Sun, and as much heat as you can dish out.
Well drained soils are essential, and so it thrives in sandy soils, rocky spots and gravel.
Also hardy in frost and very drought tolerant, as a good self-respecting desert plant should be.

Self sowing for next year

Helichrysum monstrosum is a very reliable self-seeding annual.
So it will happily sow itself into the patch ready for next year.
Though it is so quickly and easily raised from seed that many gardeners and commercial cut flower farmers like to start it fresh each year.

90cm. High with rich scarlet everlasting flowers x 30cm. Wide, upright silver foliage and stems.

Suits beginners & gardening with kids

Sow in a punnet indoors at any time / or scatter in garden in late winter-spring and lightly rake into soil. But do not cover.

Sow indoors for quick plants & early flowers: First sow the seeds on the surface of good quality seed raising mix.
Then pat the seeds gently into surface of the mix to ensure good contact.
But do not cover the seeds with any mix, as these seeds need light to germinate.

Now thoroughly moisten the mix by standing the punnet in a shallow water bath.
And allowing the moisture to percolate up to the surface from below.

Then place the punnet in a warm, well-lit position (Not in any direct sunlight).
Temperatures of 16-21°C approx. are ideal for rapid and optimum germination.

Continue to keep the punnet moist by misting from a spray water-bottle.
Covering the punnet with a clear plastic lid or plastic bag will help to maintain consistent moisture.

Seedlings emerge in approx. 7-14 days.

Seed Count: 200 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count, and give a generous serve).

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