Helleborus viridis


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Common Name: The Green Hellebore
Seed Count: 20
Family: Hardy Perennial

Very early flowering with bunches of open saucer like blooms of brilliant deep, apple green, these are massed on strong stems in early spring. The long lived flowers are sought after by florists for their colour and cutting qualities. The serrated edged leaves are deeply divided, forming dark green fingers held on stout stems. Enjoys a shady position in humus rich well drained soil. Easy and striking. 45cm x 45cm.

Sowing Advice

These seeds depend on having several months in damp compost. (Not in a fridge) Sow seeds immediately you receive them and keep tray in a cold place ie. a shady corner of un heated poly house or protected part of the garden. Natural germination will occur in cooler months in southern hemisphere May to September. Never use artificial heat as this will prevent them from germinating. Keep un germinated seed tray for at least two years. Pot on seedling, as they germinate, to mature before planting out in the garden.