Helleborus x hybridus 'Black Beauty'


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Helleborus x hybridus Black Beauty – Collected from the darkest hellebore’s we grow these seeds produce deep slate blacks, dark plums and purples. The parent plants originated from one of the UK’s top breeders. Many plants have the extra bonus of dark coloured foliage.  Enjoys 1/2 shade to shade, these very hardy perennials have a low water need and do have a summer dormancy.  Good  winter cut flower.

Sowing Advise-
Helleborus x hybridus Black Beauty seeds depend on having several months in damp compost. (Not in a fridge) Sow seeds immediately you receive them and keep tray in a cold place ie. a shady corner of unheated poly house or protected part of the garden. Natural germination will occur in cooler months in southern hemisphere May to September. Never use artificial heat as this will prevent them from germinating. Keep ungerminated seed tray for at least two years. Pot on seedling, as they germinate, to mature before planting out in the garden.

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