Hesperis matronallis Dame's Violet - Mixed Purple & White

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Packed clusters of beautifully perfumed, simple single flowers, in a mix of purple and white shades, atop 90cm. upright stems. Straight stems soar from a low rosette of leaves in spring – early summer. One of the easiest , most prolific, and wonderfully fragrant of all biennials to grow in a shaded or woodland garden.

Sowing Advice-
Scatter seed into the garden in late winter or spring is the easiest way. Very easy to germinate. Germination takes approx. 20-25 days at 15-20 degrees C. If sowing in punnets – Sow seed on moist well-drained seed raising mixture. Just slightly cover seed with 2mm of mix. Light is needed for seed germination. Once germinated place in a well aired and lit area to grow on.

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