Iberis gibratarica PINK CANDYTUFT

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Iberis gibratarica – This low-growing perennial with pale lavender-pink flowers, is a short sub shrub with rosettes of wedge-shaped, medium green leaves. It offers a great flower display in mid spring. H: 35cm – 55cm W: 20cm – 45cm approx. Partial Sun, Woodland

Sowing Advice-
Surface sow Iberis gibratarica seeds into good free draining seed mix late winter to early summer. Moisten by standing trays in water, then drain. Do not cover the seeds with compost; simply press them gently down & cover seed with a fine layer of vermiculite. Cover trays with clear plastic lids until after germination which usually takes 16 to 21 days at around 20°C.

Plant Direct-
It tends to thrive in poor, dry soils with little or no fertilisation. It will tolerate drought-prone areas and is suitable for container growing, coastal areas, for pathways, rock gardens can also be used to cascade down walls.

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