Iris latifolia


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Common Name: English Iris

Seed Count: 10
Family:  Hardy Bulb

Iris latifolia – This lovely bulbous iris is rarely offered from seed. Native to the Pyrenees and Nth Western Spain it is a semi dwarf variety with six petalled deep blue flowers with yellow marks in the centre. These beautiful flowers appear through the summer months and are excellent for cutting. Also known as I. xiphiodes and I. anglica. The stiff sword shaped leaves of dark green to teal, begin to grow in early spring and can reach 60cm The bulb has a thin brown skin and grows 10-15cm deep in the ground. Enjoys full sun in  well drained humus rich soil.  60cm x 40cm.

Sowing Advise

Sow Iris latifolia seed immediately onto good quality compost or seed raising mix. Cover the seed with quality compost or fine river sand to approximately their own depth. Natural germination will occur if kept in an unheated poly house or covered seed raising tray.  Many seeds wait for Spring before emerging regardless of when they are sown so please give them a full season of growth before discarding. Germination can be quicker if kept at 15-20 Degrees C. Keep moist, but not saturated at all times.