Kolkwitzia amabilis


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Botanical Name: Kolkwitzia amabilis
Common Name: Chinese Beauty Bush
Family: Caprifoliaceae
Category: Hardy Shrub
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Kolkwitzia amabilis, Chinese Beauty Bush: Very hardy medium arching, deciduous shrub that is part of the Honeysuckle Family. The whole bush  just smothers during late spring with delicate pink trumpet flowers. These hang in clusters on the long arching branches. Very easily grown and not fussy with soil type. Enjoys full sun or part shade in well drained humus rich soil. A delightful sight in the garden when in full bloom. 2-3 m H x 2-3 m W.

Sowing Advice

Kolkwitzia seed is best sown in Kolkwitzia seed is best sown in the autumn. The seed should be scarified by soaking in warm water and let stand for 24 hours.  Sow seed into good quality seed raining mix and cover to a depth of  1 mm . Place moist seed tray in zip lock polythene bag and place in the fridge at 4 degrees C for 90 days.  Remove from polythene bag and place in a warm well lit position an unheated poly house is ideal. Keep moist but not wet at all times. Germination should take place during spring.  Transplant seedlings once big enough to handle in to 8 cm pots  to grow on. Plant out in garden the following season.