Kolreuteria paniculata


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Botanical Name: Kolreuteria paniculata
Common Name: Golden Rain Tree
Family: Sapindaceae
Category: Hardy Tree
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Kolreuteria paniculata, Golden Rain Tree: Grown as an ornamental, light shade, deciduous, tree in temperate regions all across the world because of the aesthetic appeal of its flowers, leaves and seed pods. Foot-long clusters of yellow flowers appear in midsummer, followed by red or brownish, shiny “pods” that persist into the autumn. The fern like small leaves turn a beautiful butter yellow before turning orange brown just prior to falling. A small to medium tree reaching 10m. Enjoys full sun, totally frost hardy, and prefers acid to neutral soils although will tolerate moderate alkalinity. 10m H x 5m W.

Sowing Advice

Soak Kolreuteria seed in hot tap water (scarify) and let stand in water for 24 hours. Place seed on damp paper towel and place in a zip lock bag in the fridge at 4 degrees C for 90 days ( stratification).Sow seed in well prepared sandy loam seed bed  outdoors to a depth of 1ml. Tamp the soil lightly and mulch the seed bed.  Sporadic germination will occur over a 2-3 year period. Autumn sowing of seed in mulched seed beds is preferred to artificial stratification. Plant out the following winter once large enough to transplant.