Lathyrus odoratus Spencers Choice


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Botanical Name: Lathyrus odoratus Spencers Choice
Common Name: Sweetpea Spencers Choice Mix
Family: Leguminosae
Category: Hardy Annual, Climber
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Lathyrus odoratus Spencers Choice, Sweetpea Spencers Choice Mix:  This is the classic English style sweetpea, although these wonderful fragrant, climbing annuals originated from Italy. This 1902 release was developed from the Earl of Spencer’s garden and the mix is composed of many colors and shades, from pinks to whites, lilac and purples, reds and burgundy’s. Great cut flowers with an unforgettable ‘spring’ fragrance, the more you pick the more flowers they produce. Prefers a moist but well drained soil in full sun. Will require a framework on which to climb. Allow 2 plants per frame. Feed & water regularly for best results. 2.4 m H x 1 m W.

Sowing Advice

sow and forget technique

 Soak seed for 24 hours in glass of water. Sow directly into the garden after all danger of frost has passed by inserting forefinger about 2.5cm into the soil, drop in a single seed, cover  ( rush indoors to pop the kettle on and dream of what is to come!)

Sow indoors

 Sow seed from autumn-spring. Prior to sowing soak seed for 24 hours. Drain. Sow 3 seeds in 8cm pot or seed tray, 10mm deep into moist well-drained seed raising mix or compost. Keep temperature at  20-25°C. Germination takes 7-21 days. Once germinated grow on in cooler conditions. Acclimatise and plant out after danger of frost has passed.

Sow Outdoors

Sow seed from autumn-spring. Prior to sowing soak seed for 24 hours. Drain. Directly, sow into drills of prepared soil, 25mm deep, 8cm spacing.