Lathyrus vernus


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Botanical Name: Lathyrus vernus
Common Name:  Dwarf Spring  Perennial Pea
Family: Leguminosae
Category: Hardy Climber
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Lathyrus vernus, Dwarf Spring  Perennial Pea: One of the most lovely dwarf perennial peas, with masses of violet blue pea shaped flowers in spring. Each bloom opens purple –blue, veined with red and ages to blue giving a beautiful dappled effect. There may be some variation in colors as L. vernus var albus ( white) also  appear in this batch. A gorgeous tiny scrambling, climber that is ideal as a ground cover or pot specimen. Enjoys full sun in well drained soil. Not fussy on soil type. Frost and dry hardy.  30cm H x 30cm W.

 Sowing Advice

Lathyrus seed is best sown in late winter early spring to benefit from a cold spell. Germination is quicker and more uniform if the seeds are soaked in warm water for 24hours prior to sowing. Any seeds that still have hard coats after soaking should have the seed coat nicked with a small  file to enable them to take up water. Sow seed in  good quality seed raising mix to the depth of the seed. Place seed out doors for 4-6 weeks in an unheated poly house .then place  on a temperature of 18-20 degrees C for a more rapid and even germination. As soon as seed has emerged they prefer to be cool grown in as much light as possible. Pinch out growing point once the 2nd pair of leaves have opened. Seedlings can be planted out usually within 6-8 weeks after sowing.