Lilium regale


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Common Name: Regal Lily

Seed Count: 25
Family:  Hardy Bulb

Lilium regale – Discovered in Szechwan in Nth West China in 1903 The  trumpet-shaped flowers are pure white on the inner and have a golden-yellow throat. The outer is beautifully marked with burgundy. Delightfully perfumed the scent can fill the whole garden. It is also one of the most easily grown. It is particularly easy to raise from seed and may flower the second year from sowing. Makes a lovely cut flower. Ideal for the back of the border.  Enjoys humus rich well drained soil in full sun or light shade. 1.8m x 0.5m.


Sowing Advise

Sow Lilium regale seed at  any  time however late autumn winter is ideal as natural cold spell will offer ideal conditions for germination to occur the following spring. Sow seed on side in good quality seed raising mix an cover lightly with sand/vermiculite.  Can be grown indoors at any time, put on 18-20 degrees for 4—12 weeks, then move to fridge at 4 degrees C for 3-6 months, then return to warmth. You may not see any above ground growth for many months. Do not water seedlings from  May to September. Allow seedlings to grow on for one year undisturbed. Pot up bulbs when dormant and grow on for a further 12 months before planting out in the garden.