Limonium suworowii


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Botanical Name: Limonium suworowii
Common Name: Russian Statice
Family: Plumbaginaceae
Category: Hardy Annual
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Limonium suworowii, Russian Statice: This different and striking plant is native to  Turkestan, and closely related to the more common blue and pink annual Statice. Long thin green stems are topped with several branches covered with tiny pink flowers. When in bloom, the flowers completely cover the stems. Lance shaped, olive green leaves are borne below the flower stems. Fabulous fresh or dried cut flower. Enjoys full sun in well drained soil. Easy and spectacular.   60cm H x 45cm W.

Sowing Advice

Sow seed 4-6 weeks prior to last spring frost.   Sow seed in seed tray on good seed raising mix, lightly covering seeds with mix. Moisten; keep moist but not wet. Place seed tray in warm location or heat propagator at 20-25 degrees C.   Germination should begin in 7-14 days.    Transplant seedling once large enough to handle to 8cm pots and grow on until large enough to plant out in open garden.  Alternatively, direct sow seed to garden or flower bed location after last spring frost.