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Limonium suworowii

Syn. Psylliostachys suworowii


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Limonium suworowii
Syn. Psylliostachys suworowii

I think Limonium suworowii is my favourite of all the lovely Statice family.

Adapted to heat & limited water

This different and striking plant is native to Turkestan, and well adapted to heat, and limited water supply.
So it is closely related to the more common blue and pink annual Statice so loved by florists, but in my opinion even prettier.

Loveliest of all the florist’s Statice

Long thin green stems are topped with several branches covered with tiniest, finest, mistiest pink flowers.
When in bloom, the flowers completely cover the stems.

Lance shaped, olive green leaves are borne below the flower stems and the plant forms a low rosette of foliage

Superb florists cut flowers – fresh or dried

Limonium suworowii makes a fabulous floristry flower, either used fresh or dried.
And florists will walk over cut glass to get bucket loads of them.

Easy from seed & quick to raise to flowering

If you get started nice and early by sowing the seeds indoors during winter and early spring – you can be cutting armloads of bloom by summer.

Limonium suworowii is an easy and spectacular annual that enjoys full sun in well drained soil.

60cm High in clouds of summer flowers x 45cm Wide low rosette of foliage.


Suitable for beginners & gardening with kids

Seed can be scattered directly in the garden in spring/ or sown indoors for quick flowers.

Indoors for quick & early plants: First sow the seed in a punnet on good quality seed raising mix.
The lightly cover the seed with a fine covering of sieved mix. This is very fine seed so do not bury deeply.

Now thoroughly moisten the mix by standing the punnet in a shallow water bath and allowing the moisture to percolate to the surface from below.

Then place the punnet in a warm, well-lit position (not in direct sunlight).
You can use a heat mat if you have one but it is not essential.

Temperatures of 18-25 degrees C. are best for optimum and rapid germination.

Germination begins in 7-14 days.

Transplant seedlings once large enough to handle to 8cm pots and grow on until large enough to plant out in open garden.
Alternatively, direct sow seed to garden or flower bed location after last spring frost.

Seed Count: 200 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count and give a generous serve).

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