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Limonium tartaricum ‘Woodcreek’

Most Statice are annuals, but beautiful Limonium tartaricum ‘Woodcreek’ is a perennial.
So you have it permanently for spectacular mists of summer blooms year after year.

Airy clouds of tiny white flowers with just a blush of pink

Airy clouds of tiny white papery flowers hover all summer, on leafless fine stems perfect for picking.
With just a hint of blush pink in the inner petals.
The blooms of Limonium tartaricum ‘Woodcreek’ are gossamer fine and mist the garden all summer and into autumn.

One of the finest blooms for floristry

Needless to say it is indispensable as a commercial cut flower for florists, particularly for wedding bouquets and decoration, as well as for home gardeners.
And it is such an advantage to have it permanently in the garden and not have to replant each year. As well as blooming ceaselessly all summer and creating a misty pale cloud in the garden plus abundant cut flowers.
It is a “cut & come again” plant, so the more you cut the more it blooms.

Everlasting cut flowers

Limonium tartaricum ‘Woodcreek’ lasts for ages in a vase.
Either picked and used fresh or used dried.
Because the fine flowers hold their colour and shape virtually indefinitely, and only become whiter with age.
It is therefore a gift for wedding bouquets and celebration arrangements, as they last way past the event.
And of course armloads can be harvested during summer and dried for future use over winter or in years to come.

Quick & easy to grow from seed

Perennial Statice is very quick and easy to grow from seed.
And if you start your seed in good time you can harvest blooms right through the same summer and autumn.

Thrives in a hot sunny garden & very waterwise

Limonium tartaricum ‘Woodcreek’ is very easy to grow and does not need much water or care.
It revels in the sun and heat of summer with minimal additional watering, and prefers to be grown on the lean and mean side without too much fertilizer or rich conditions.
So it is ideal for gardeners with hot conditions or limited water, seaside, sandy and windy sites.
Tolerant of salt laden air as well as some salt in the water or soil, and resistant to wind and frost too.
It is not choosy about soil type either, as long as the soil is well drained.
Pests and diseases are also rare.

Perennial Statice

Limonium tartaricum ‘Woodcreek’ is fast growing perennial.
Plus it is an attractive evergreen clump in the garden all year.
With broad leaves that sit flat to the ground and create an interesting texture and groundcover.
Your perennial clump will quietly increase and can be divided if you wish.

45cm. High in a mist of white flowers x 30cm. Wide evergreen flat foliage.

Rabbits & deer are not keen

The tough leaves, stems and papery flowers are not attractive to rabbits and deer.
So they tend to have it at the bottom of their menu selection.

But bees, butterflies & useful pollinators flock to Statice

While bees, butterflies and our other pollinating friends just love Perennial Statice flowers for their abundant nectar and pollen.
And appreciate them for their very long blooming season through all the hot months when many other flowers have already given up.

Cutting fresh flowers for the vase: Cut stems to the base before blooms are fully open, and preferably before the sun is too hot. Re-cut the stems under water and leave standing in warm water (not hot) to hydrate.
Do not place in a cool room. The flowers are not not sensitive to ethylene, so they can be used in arrangements with fruit.
Fresh Perennial Statice flowers will last up to 14 days in a vase.

How to dry Statice Flowers: Simply cut the stem to the base and hang bunches upside-down in a dry, well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight, such as a dark pantry or garage.
Limonium tartaricum ‘Woodcreek’ holds its clean white colour for years when dried.

Suitable for beginners & gardening with kids

Seeds can be sown directly in the garden in spring or autumn / or indoors at any time for early advanced plants. Early indoor sowing will give the longest blooming in the same year.

INDOORS: First sow the seeds in a punnet on the surface of good quality seed raising mix.
Then gently pat the seeds to the surface of the mix to ensure good contact.
And cover lightly to a depth of 3mm approx. with sieved mix, grit or vermiculite.

Now thoroughly moisten the mix by standing the punnet in a shallow water bath and allowing the moisture to percolate up to the surface of the mix from below.

Now place the punnet in a warm, well-lit position (not in direct sun).
And continue to keep moist.
But cover the punnet with a black plastic lid or cardboard to maintain moisture and exclude light.
Seeds of Limonium tartaricm ‘Woodcreek’ need dark to germinate.
Temperatures around 18-21°C. are ideal for rapid and optimum germination.
And you can use a heat mat if you have one, but it is not essential as these seeds are willing germinators.

Seeds germinate in approx. 14 – 21 days.
Keep checking daily, as the dark cover needs to be removed as soon as germination commences.

SEED COUNT: 200 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count, and give a generous serve).

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