Linaria aeruginea


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Linaria aeruginea

Linaria aeruginea is soundly perennial. But it boasts a range of jewel like colours and and bi-colours normally only associated with annual Toadflaxes.
Instead this little Dwarf Perennial Toadflax flaunts the most sumptuous of colours and arresting combinations.
So it creates a carpet of rich colour, rather like a medieval tapestry or a Persian carpet.

Vivid little Linaria aeruginea bears pikes of blooms, shaped like enchanting little Snapdragons.
Besides they just keep coming and coming, all summer and autumn.
And those brilliant rich jewel colours show off so effectively against the fine, blue-grey foliage.

Dwarf Perennial Toadflax is perfect for water-wise gardenersĀ 

Even better for Australian gardeners, where water may be limited and the heat plentiful, this is a tough little groundcover that hails from Spain and Portugal.
So it is well adapted to hot, dry summers and a minimum of water.
Plus it is soundly frost hardy.
And it thrives in sandy, rocky or gravel soil, where it relishes the good drainage.

Linaria aeruginea just blooms & blooms

Linaria aeruginea makes a brilliantly long blooming groundcover or a decorative pot.
It basks in a hot spot.
And is equally at home in a hanging basket.

If you are lucky it may even gently self-seed in the garden to give you an even greater range of those exotic colour combinations to share with friends.
Or if you cant bear to part with the babies, you can keep them all to yourself and make an even bigger Persian carpet in your garden.

So flowers 20cm H x 30cm W groundcover foliage.


Sow Linaria aeruginea seed in punnets indoors at any time / or scatter in garden in spring or autumn.

INDOORS: Sow seeds on surface of good quality seed raising mix.
Then press seeds gently into the surface of the mix.
And cover seeds only thinly with fine sieved mix.

With Temperatures of 18-20Ā°C approx. optimum for rapid germination.

So seeds germinate in 5-21 days approx.

SEED COUNT: 50 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count, and give a generous serve).