Linum narbonense

‘Heavenly Blue’


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Linum narbonense ‘Heavenly Blue’

Linum narbonense ‘Heavenly Blue’ is a prolific and long blooming version of the vivid blue Perennial Flax.
So it has the usual heart achingly blue discs of blooms but in the most clear, piercing, ultra-marine blue.

Linum is an old cottage garden favourite for good reason.
Because it is hard to find anything more blue, more hardy, and more easy to grow.
So ‘Heavenly Blue’ looks as if fragments of summer sky have fluttered down to earth.

Linum narbonense ‘Heavenly Blue’ has ferny blue-grey foliage and an arching, graceful growth habit.
It is profuse and long blooming with masses of sky-blue flowers from late spring and right through the summer..
So it works well as an edging plant as well as in containers.
And is superb interplanted with other hardy profuse bloomers such as Californian Poppies (Eschscholtzia).

Although a short-lived perennial, it will gently self-seed itself in the garden to perpetuate the next generation year after year.
And it looks great mass planted so it is a sea of pure blue.

Linum narbonense ‘Heavenly Blue’ is drought-tolerant, water-wise, and revels in the sun.
Plus it is tolerant of both heat and humidity as well as dry.

The wiry stems were once used to make hemp and flax for weaving, so it is also a traditional field crop.

40cm. High in abundant flower x 30cm. Wide clump of ferny foliage.


Suitable for beginners & kids

Sow Linum narbonense ‘Heavenly Blue’ directly into the garden in spring or sown at any time indoors.
Although in milder areas sowings can also be made directly into the garden in late summer for over-wintering.
Gently rake the seed into the soil.

INDOORS: Alternatively you can sow the seeds in punnets indoors to ensure maximum germination.
First sow the seeds on the surface of good quality potting mix.
Then lightly cover the seeds with sieved mix, sand or grit to a maximum of 3mm. deep.

Now place the punnet in a warm, well-lit position (not in direct sun). But good light aids germination.
Continue to keep consistently moist but not wet.

Temperatures of approx. 20-25C. are best for rapid and optimum germination.

Seeds sprout in approx. 14-21 days.

PLANTING DIRECTLY IN THE GARDEN: Plant in a fast draining, infertile soil with full sun. Avoid clay soils. Mulch with gravel or not at all. Water regularly to establish the plant, but infrequent deep watering is all this plant needs. Deadheading is not needed, and re-seeding is encouraged. Fertilize lightly in Autumn.

SEED COUNT: 15 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count and give a generous serve).

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