Linum Perenne nanum 'Blue Sapphire' BLUE FLAX

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Linum Perenne nanum ‘Blue Sapphire’ – This compact form of perennial flax is a cottage garden favourite, with ferny foliage and masses of sky-blue flowers from late spring and right through the summer. It works well as an edging plant & in containers. Although short-lived, it will gently self-seed. Drought-tolerant.

Sowing Advice-
Sow Linum Perenne nanum ‘Blue Sapphire’ direct in spring (in milder areas sowings can be made in late summer for over-wintering), gently raking into the soil, thinning to 10-15cm apart. Alternatively, sow thinly, 3mm deep, in modules, keeping one seedling per cell, for planting out later.

Plant direct-
Plant in a fast draining, infertile soil with full sun. Avoid clay soils. Mulch with gravel or not at all. Water regularly to establish the plant, but infrequent deep watering is all this plant needs. Deadheading is not needed, and re-seeding is encouraged. Fertilize lightly in Autumn.

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