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Lunaria annua



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Lunaria annua ‘Chedglow’

Lunaria annua ‘Chedglow’ is a very unusual and prized form of the old favourite “Honesty” or “Silver Dollar Plant”.

Treasure from talented plants-woman Rosemary Verey

This treasure was developed by the much admired gardener and plants-woman, Rosemary Verey, in her superb garden in Essex, England.
Rosemary really did know a good plant when she saw one, and when this purple-black leaved form of Honesty popped up in her garden she made sure it prospered.

Rich purple flowers over near-black foliage

Lunaria annua ‘Chedglow’ bears rich purple flowers over the most stunning foliage.
The young spring leaves are glowing red-purple, then as they mature into the early summer flowering season, the leaves deepen to almost black-purple.
And continue glowing deeply into autumn to finally colour with vivid flame colours.

Old favourite for tough spots

Any form of Honesty is a favourite standby for the really tough spots under our mature trees.

In a class of it’s own for colour in flower & foliage

But Lunaria annua ‘Chedglow’ is in a class of it’s own to bring those difficult gloomy spots to life with outstanding flower and foliage colour.
The flowers are also delightfully fragrant

Perfect overplanting for spring bulbs

Lunaria annua ‘Chedglow’ makes the perfect follow-up to early spring bulbs, as it covers the fading and browning bulb foliage and charms with flowers, fragrance and fabulous foliage.

Silver moons for florists

Then in mid-summer the purple flowers transform to attractive large green discs. And finally turn to  translucent papery, silver moons.
These silver moon seed pods are beloved by florists and decorators drying and floral arrangements.
Hence the alternative common name of “Silver Dollar Plant”.

Easy as pie to grow

Rosemary Verey’s Honesty is amongst the easiest of all plants to grow in the garden, despite it’s exotic colouring, and behaves just like any other Honesty.
And it is amongst the quickest plants to raise from seed.
It is virtually bullet proof to pests, diseases and neglect.

Unfussy & frost hardy

Lunaria annua ‘Chedglow’ will happily settle in either Sun or Shade.
It is not fussy about soil type, from acid to alkaline lime, from sandy to clay.
And it is very happy amongst the leaf litter under trees and shrubs.
While it is reliably frost hardy down to at least -20C. So perfectly capable of coping with hard frost.

Very reliable self sower

Lunaria annua ‘Chedglow’ is a lovely and reliable biennial that will self sow freely from year to year.
75cm. High in fragrant flower or translucent seed pod  x 45cm. Wide attractive red-purple-black foliage.


Suitable for beginners & kids 

Lunaria annua ‘Chedglow’ can be sown directly into the ground where required in Spring / or sown indoors for an early start.

Indoors: First sow the seed in a punnet in late winter on good quality seed raising mix.
Then just cover the seed with sieved mix, vermiculite or course sand.

Now place in a warm, well-lit position (not in direct sun).

Because temperatures of 15-22 degrees C. are recommended for rapid and optimum germination.

Then seeds sprout in approx. 7-14 days.

Seed Count: 3 seeds per pack. (Seeds for this unusual variety are as yet very scarce, but once you get a start it should self seed in your garden each year).

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