Lupinus arborescens Lemon Yellow


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Botanical Name: Lupinus arborescens Lemon Yellow
Common Name: Lemon Yellow Tree Lupin
Family: Papilionaceae
Category: Hardy Shrub
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Lupinus arborescens  Lemon Yellow, Lemon Yellow Tree Lupin:  Shrubby semi evergreen plant bearing short, plump, spires of fragrant lemon yellow pea shaped flowers in late spring early summer. The rounded shrub has soft mid green fern like foliage and is a lovely structural plant in the garden. This short lived shrub, will self seed in the garden, but make sure you save some seed.  If pruned back lightly after flowering, tree lupin will last for many years. Looks great among cottage border perennials and is loved by butterflies and bees. Enjoys full sun, well drained soil. Hardy to frost, heat and dry. 120 cm H x 120 cm W. Sorry No WA or TAS.

Sowing Advice

Sow Tree Lupin seed at any time . Firstly soak over night in barley warm water so soften , then sow in good quality seed raising mix, thinly cover with sand or grit and keep moist but not wet. Keep at between 15-20 degrees C. Germination usually occurs in 4  to 6 weeks.  Some seeds may take longer.  Prick out into 75 mm pots when large enough to handle and grow on before planting in the garden.