Lupinus russellii Band of Nobles Mixed


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Botanical Name: Lupinus russellii Band of Nobles Mixed
Common Name: Russell Lupin Band of Nobles Mixed
Family: Papilionaceae
Category: Hardy Perennial
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Lupinus russellii Band of Nobles Mixed, Russell Lupin Band of Nobles Mixed: Tall spires of rich purples, pinks, reds, blues whites and yellows. Blooms appear during late spring early summer.  Large clumps of palmate leaved, mid green foliage. Ideal to add a splash of color to the back of the perennial border. Enjoys full sun, well drained, moderately fertile and slightly acidic soil. Prospers in regions with cool wet winters and long dry summers. Mulch  and water well during the flowering season. 100cm x 75cm.

Sowing Advice

Sow Russell Lupin seed from September to December or March to June for the best results. Soak seed overnight before sowing onto good quality seed raising mix. Cover seed to it own depth, germinates best between 20-30 degrees C. Place in a propagator or seal in a polythene bag until after germination, this usually in 18-21 days. Transplant into 75mm tubes as soon as 2nd set of leaves appear grow on until large enough to plant out in the garden. Plant out after all risk of frost has past. Totally frost hardy once established.