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Lysimachia atropurpurea




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Lysimachia atropurpurea ‘Beaujolais’

Deep wine-red spires of flowers, set against silver-grey foliage, make Lysimachia atropurpurea ‘Beaujolais’ a striking colour highlight.
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Sensation of Chelsea Flower Show

‘Beaujolais’ was the sensation of the Chelsea Flower Show a couple of years ago, when almost every designer used it in their display garden. They simply could not resist it’s striking colouring.
So it become a style icon and took the gardening fashion world by storm.
However it was much more than a one year wonder. It has stayed as a firm favourite, proving it’s worth with long blooming spring, summer, & autumn, and  a steady supply of great cut flowers for the vase.

Hardy & easily grown

So plant Lysimachia atropurpurea ‘Beaujolais’ in Sun to Part Shade, where it is easy to grow and low maintenance.
And the slender flower spires weave effortlessly between shrubs, roses and other flowers.
Plus it is so easy and quick to grow from seed, rapidly maturing to flowering size.
‘Beaujolais’ is frost hardy and takes readily to a wide range of soils.
And copes well with humidity or damp.

It is a neat evergreen perennial clump, and although each plant flowers itself to exhaustion in a few years, it can be easily and regularly raised from seed to insure a continuous supply, or just allowed to naturally self-seed in the garden.
No garden should ever be without these elegant spires of wine and silver.

60cm High flower spires x 45cm Wide neat clump of low foliage.


Sow indoors at any time / or scatter in the garden in spring or autumn.

INDOORS: Sow seeds in punnets on the surface of good quality seed raising mix.
Then gently pat the seeds onto the surface of the mix to ensure good contact, but do not cover.
Because these seeds need light for germination.

Now thoroughly moisten the mix through by standing the sown punnet in a shallow water bath, allowing the moisture to percolate up to the surface from below.

Then drain and place in a warm, well-lit position (not in direct sunlight).
Continue to keep moist in well-lit position.

Temperatures of 14-18°C. approx are ideal for rapid and optimum germination.

Seeds germinate in approx. 30 days.

SEED COUNT: 60 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count, and give a generous serve).

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