Lysimachia minoricensis


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Common Name: Variegated Loosestrife

Seed Count: 100
Family:  Hardy Perennial

Lysimachia minoricensis –  Primarily a foliage plant, this lovely shade lover has become extinct in its natural habitat . It was endemic to the Island of Minorca in Spain and now only survives in cultivation. The beautiful soft, sage green leaves are veined creamy white  and form quite neat rosettes from which the insignificant flowers stems emerge. We allow our plants to flower and to set seed to try and preserve. Some years it self seeds with a fury and others hardly at all. (Not hard to pull out if unwanted) Enjoys a moist sun to part shaded position, not fussy on soil type. 30cm x 25cm.

Sowing Advise

Lysimachia minoricensis is best sown in the cooler parts of the year when temperatures are around 5 degrees C. Sow  evenly onto good quality seed raising mix and cover thinly with  grit, vermiculite or perlite to about 5mm. Cover with dome and keep cool in an unheated poly house. No heat is Needed. Keep moist at all times but not wet.  Seeds  germination is generally very irregular and come up over several months. Do not discard seed trays prematurally. Prick out into 7.5cm pots once large enough to handle to grow on. Plant out in a moist semi shaded position in the garden once all frosts have passed.