Meconopsis cambrica var aurantica


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Botanical Name: Meconopsis cambrica var aurantica
Common Name: Orange Welsh Poppy
Family:  Papaveraceae
Category:  Hardy Perennial

Seed Count: 300

Meconopsis cambrica var aurantica, Orange Welsh Poppy: Meconopsis cambrica, is the only European representative of it’s genus.This lovely Welsh poppy is the easiest to grow and is reliably perennial. The apricot, orange, cup shaped flowers are borne in abundance from late spring to early autumn. The foliage is light green and lobed.  It will grow in both fairly dry and in damp conditions, but does best in moderately rich, acidic soil in shade or part shade.  Welsh Poppies have a  long tap-root system and resent being disturbed. Will slowly self seed to form a lovely drift. 45 cm H  x 30 cm W.

Sowing Advise

Meconopsis seeds can be sown at any time in good quality seed raising mix, however early spring sowing is best to gain a full seasons growth. Cover seeds thinly with river sand or seed raising mix. And place in a cool spot. No artificial heat is needed as this can cause rapid germination and fungal attack, or make seed go into ma deeper dormancy. Seedlings usually appear within 3 to 6 weeks but can take much longer. Pot on into small pots and protect from hot sun. Plant out in a shaded, moist humus rich slightly acid soil. Many are herbaceous and dye down to a large resting bud.