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Meconopsis superba


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Meconopsis superba

No wonder Meconopsis superba is dubbed the Superb Poppy – there are no other words to adequately describe it but superb.
So superbly large, superbly silken white poppies, bloom superbly in spring & summer.

And these beautiful flowers are so proudly held above a decorative rosette of blue-grey leaves.

Meconopsis superba enjoys Part Shade & Dappled Shade, with perhaps just a little direct Morning Sun.
And it also relishes rich soil, manure, compost, and atmospheric humidity.
Thankfully it is frost hardy.

This raving beauty can self-seed in the right spot, which is a mercy to besotted gardeners. Because Meconopsis superba is a short lived monocarpic perennial. Meaning that it will snuff it once it has flowered and set seed.
So it is very worthwhile to provide the right conditions and regular moisture. So that it does self-sow, or seed saving, to ensure years of these Superb Poppies.

But it is so beautiful that it is worth everything, all the fiddle – just to see it flower, even if it is only once.
Meconopsis superba is heaven on a stalk.
45cm H x 30cm.


Sow indoors in spring or autumn.

First sow seeds on surface of good quality seed raising mix. Then press gently into mix and do not cover. Because these seeds need light to germinate.

Now keep continually moist but not wet, in a cool and well-lit (not in any direct sun) position.

Temperatures around 12-15°C are optimum for faster and optimum germination.

Seeds germinate in 20-25 days.

But if seeds shy to sprout – then cling wrap the moist, sown punnet & place in the fridge (not freezer) for 3 weeks.
So the seeds think they have a winter chill period.
Then remove, unwrap the punnet and make sure it is nicely moist. And return to a cool, well-lit position.

SEED COUNT: 20 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count, and give a generous serve).

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