Melicytus obovatus


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Botanical Name: Melicytus obovatus
Common Name: New Zealand Shrubby Violet
Family: Violaceae
Category: Hardy Shrub
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Melicytus obovatus, New Zealand Shrubby Violet: This uncommon and at risk  small shrub is a member of the violet family.  The small box like leaves are dark, glossy, green with a network of veins more visible on the paler underside. Small, fragrant, bell shaped, yellow flowers. Appear in late spring these are followed by small round fruits white blotched with purple or blue black. Very slow growing but responds to trimming well. It is tolerant of  a wide range of conditions, including  coastal exposed gardens.  Enjoys sun to part shade. A very worth while little treasure. 60cm x 60cm.

Sowing Advice

Sow Melicytus obovatus seeds in good quality sandy compost or seed raising mix at any time. Cover with vermiculite or seed raising mix to seeds own depth. Keep seed in a cool well lit spot outdoors. Keep moist but not saturate. Protect from Mice. Heat is not needed and prevents germination . Be patient , germination can be slow, the seeds often need two periods of cold moist conditions with warm growing season between. The seeds should germinate in spring but may germinate in their second year. Do not discard.