Myrrhis odorata SWEET CICELY

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Family- Apiaceae
Herbaceous Perennial
H: 80cm – 130cm W: 70cm approx.
Partial Sun, Woodland
Seed Count-
5 approx

Sweet Cicely is an attractive plant, renowned for its aniseed taste and fragrance. The deep green fern-like leaves are deeply divided and smell of aniseed when crushed.  The plants grow to a height of 90cm and heads of tiny white flowers appear from spring to early summer.

Sowing Advice-
Sow seeds as soon as possible. They are easiest grown when sown directly outdoors in a seedbed in autumn. The seeds require several months of cold winter temperatures to germinate. Keep a check on the seed raising mix, to ensure it doesn’t dry out. Thin the seedlings in the outdoor bed as necessary and transplant the young plants into their final positions in the following spring.