Nigella damascena alba ‘Miss Jekyll’s White’

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Nigella damascena alba – A self-seeding annual grown for the mass of pure white, turban-like flowers over summer; pretty ferny foliage; and decorative seed pods. 45cm. Wonderful cut flower – Cut and come again. Easy, low maintenance. Old fashioned favourite. Seeds traditionally used as condiment and herbal medicine. Full Sun, Partial Shade. H: 45cm W: 45cm approx.

Sowing Advice –
Nigella damascena alba seeds are easy to germinate sown directly into the garden 3mm. deep, in autumn, winter or early spring. Or indoors sow in moist well-drained seed raising mixture. Cover seed with 3mm. of mix. Light is needed for seed germination. 15-20°C optimum temperature if using a heat mat. Germination takes approx. 10-21 days. Once germinated place in a well aired and lit area to grow on.

Plant In The Garden –
Easy to grow, self-sowing annual. Prefers Full Sun, or ½ Shade/ Dappled Sun. Water wise plant. Hardy in heat and dry. Not fussy about soil, but must be well drained – Sandy, Loam or Clay based, Alkaline to Neutral.  Will reliably self-sow for next year.

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