Omphalodes cappadocica Cherry Ingram


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Botanical Name: Omphalodes cappadocica Cherry Ingram
Common Name: Navelwort Cherry Ingram
Family: Boraginaceae
Category: Hardy Perennial
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Omphalodes cappadocica Cherry Ingram, Navelwort Cherry Ingram: Native to Turkey into what was the USSR, this springtime bloomer covers itself with bright blue flowers. A favorite of Marie Antoinette’s, these endearing bright blue, forget-me-not–like flowers claim their name from the navel-shaped groove that marks each seed. Omphalodes are members of the Borage family, preferring moist soils but tolerant of dry conditions when grown in shade. They can take full sun where summers are temperate and need dappled light elsewhere. Slowly spreading by underground stems, the shiny leaves make an excellent ground cover. A great cut flower, this hardy plant is wonderful for planting under roses. 25 cm H x 45 cm W.

Sowing Advice

Sow Omphalodes Seed in early spring  in good quality seed raising mix and place on a gentle heat of 18-22 degree C. Pot on to plant out in late spring after all danger of frost have passed.  Best when seed is sown directly into a well prepared garden bed as seedlings dislike being transplanted.  Germination takes 14-42 days. This biennial will gently self seed once established in the garden.