Oxypetalum coeruleum


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Botanical Name: Oxypetalum coeruleum
Common Name:  Tweedia caerulea
Family: Apocynaceae
Category: Hardy Perennial
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Oxypetalum coeruleum, Tweedia caerulea: This charming Hoya relative is a twining subshrub with intense delphinium blue, starry flowers with dark blue centers. These unique colored flowers appear from mid summer to autumn. The flowers are followed by long, boat-shaped seed pods which swell as they ripen and then finally burst open showing large seeds attached to as soft silky parachutes to aid wind dispersal of the seed.  Small downy arrow-shaped leaves are held along the slender twining stems. Also known as Blue Milkweed, this is not weedy at all, but called so because of the white milky sap of the plant. Native of South America from southern Brazil to Uruguay.  Enjoys full sun, but shelter from frost, well drained humus rich soil that is on the dryer side. This lovely perennial remains evergreen in frost free zones. 90cm H x 90cm W.

 Sowing Advice

Sow Oxypetalum seeds in late summer / autumn in good quality seed raising mix, just cover to own depth with a light sprinkling of mix or vermiculite. Place on a gentle heat of 18-22 degree C in a well lit area. Germination usually takes 14 to 40 days.  Transplant when seedlings are large enough to handle  into 75mm pots and grow on. Plant out in late spring after all danger of frost have passed.