Paeonia peregrina


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Paeonia peregrina

Gorgeous ruby-red bowls of peony blooms in summer. Handsome glossy foliage. Vivid autumn foliage colours. Sun to Part Shade. Frost hardy. Perennial, deciduous peony. Easy grower, low maintenance. More heat hardy than most Peonies. 60cm H x 75cm W.


Sow indoors in spring or autumn.

First rub the seeds around in a little dry sand, or between 2 sheets of fine sandpaper,  to roughen the hard seed coats.
Then soak the seeds overnight in a glass of clean water.

Now sow the seeds in deeper individual pots rather than in a punnet. Because they develop strong roots quickly.
Sow the soaked seeds on the surface of good quality seed raising mix.
Then cover seeds with 10mm of sieved mix/grit/or sand.

Proceed to keep the mix moist, in well-lit but cool position (not in direct sunlight) for 6 weeks.

Then wrap the moist punnet in cling wrap & place in fridge (not freezer) for 6 weeks.

Remove from the fridge, unwrap punnet & return to a cool, well-lit position.

Seeds germinate in 14-28 days approx. But patience – do not discard – some seeds may come later. Staggered germination is normal for this plant as it tries to give its seeds a sporting chance of sprouting into favourable weather conditions.

Seed Count: 3 very large seeds per pack (seed is always scarce).

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