Papaver orientale SELECTED MIXED


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Family- Papaveraceae
Growth- Perennial
Size- H: 60cm W: 50cm approx.
Position- Full Sun
Seed Count- 200 approx.

Papaver orientale Selected Mixed, Oriental Poppy Selected Mixed: Our selected mix of large crepe paper like blooms  ranging from soft pinks to deep pinks to salmons to reds and whites. Native to the Caucasus, northeastern Turkey, and northern Iran. These are produced in late spring, summer and the blooms are held well above neat mounds of hairy dark green deeply cut foliage. After flowering the foliage dies away entirely, a property that allows their survival in the summer drought of its Central Asia origin. Foliage re emerges in autumn, winter.  Frost and dry hardy. Enjoys full sun and well drained soil. A very hardy  semi evergreen Perennial. 60cm H x 50cm W.

Sowing Advice-
Sow Papaver Orientale seeds at any time , best with temperature of 16 – 20 degrees C. Sow seed thinly onto the surface of good quality seed  raising mix and lightly sprinkle with grit or river sand. Perennial Poppies need light to germinate. ( Annual Poppies need the dark) Keep moist but not wet. Seed should germinate in 10-30 days. Prick out each seedling as it becomes large enough to handle into 75mm pots, then plant out in garden once large enough.