Papaver paeoniflorum

'Double Cream'



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Papaver paeoniflorum ‘Double Cream’

Large, creamy white, very double, ruffled blooms absolutely crammed with petals, make Papaver paeoniflorum ‘Double Cream’ one of the highlights of spring.

The fabulous seed pods last in the garden and are great for floral arrangements. Sage green foliage with attractive waved edges. A delight among roses. Hardy self seeding annual. 90 cm H x 40 cm W.

Sowing Advice

Sow in pots in autumn or sow directly in spring
Sown Papaver paeoniflorum in spring the plants will flower December to May. If sown in autumn they will flower from September onwards.
Poppies have very sensitive root systems and do not transplant well at all. With care, they can be sown indoors and transplanted while young, but often better results are gained when seeds are simply sprinkled outdoors where they are to grow. The plants look best when sown, or planted in groups.
Whichever method you choose, the seeds are best sown very, very thinly. You can thin the seedlings out if they grow too close together, but it is not really possible to transplant them. The seeds need darkness to germinate and at temperatures of around 20°C (68°F) will germinate in less than two weeks.