Phlomis purpurea


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Botanical Name: Phlomis purpurea
Common Name: 
Purple Jerusalem Sage
Family: Lamiaceae
Hardy Perennial
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Phlomis purpurea – Native of Spain and suited to dryer gardens, this extremely hardy phlomis has long lance shaped leaves with a dense covering of fine felt. The lilac,  pink hooded  flowers are held in whorls on erect stem during late summer autumn. This is one of the best silver foliage shrub like plants in our garden. Dry and heat hardy and not fussy on soil type. This is also totally frost hardy in our garden even withstanding a sprinkling of snow. Enjoys full sun, well drained soil. 150 cm x 100cm.

Sowing Advice

Phlomis is best sown in the cooler parts of the year when temperatures are around 5 degrees C. Sow  evenly onto good quality seed raising mix and cover thinly with  grit, vermiculite or perlite to about 5mm. Cover with dome and keep cool in an unheated poly house. No heat is Needed. Keep moist at all times but not wet.  Seeds  may germinate in14-42 days but generally are very irregular and come up over several months. Do not discard seed trays prematurely. Prick out into 7.5cm pots once large enough to handle to grow on. Plant out in a sunny position in the garden once all frosts have passed.