Phlomis tuberosa Bronze Flamingo


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Botanical Name: Phlomis tuberosa Bronze  Flamingo
Common Name: 
Tuberous Jerusalem Sage
Family: Lamiaceae
Hardy Perennial
Seed Count: 

Phlomis tuberosa Bronze  Flamingo , Tuberous Jerusalem Sage – Whorls of lilac pink flowers are borne at even intervals along tall, bronze—burgundy, slender stems in late spring, summer. This semi evergreen perennial has  dark green, glossy, elongated heart shaped leaves that look attractive from spring to autumn. This no fuss, truly Mediterranean  perennial is very dry hardy and does not need staking.  When grown from seed it is best planted out in the garden after all frost have passed. Once established it is totally frost hardy. Flowers may not appear until a full growing season has passed. This slender perennial is ideal for compact gardens as it has a small basal span of around 30cm. It will happily thrive in woodland gardens and not shy of competition with other plants and grasses. The spent flower heads are attractive in their own right and add structure to the back of a border. Enjoys full sun , well drained soil. 120cm x 30cm.


Sowing Advice

Phlomis tuberosa is best sown in the cooler times of the year when temperatures are around 5 degrees C. Sow  evenly onto good quality seed raising mix and cover thinly with  grit, vermiculite or perlite to about 5mm. Cover with dome and keep cool in an unheated poly house. No heat is Needed. Keep moist at all times but not wet.  Seeds  may germinate in 14-42 days but generally are very irregular and come up over several months. Do not discard seed trays prematurely. Prick out into 7.5cm pots once large enough to handle to grow on. Plant out in a sunny position in the garden once all frosts have passed.