Polemonium pauciflorum


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Botanical Name: Polemonium pauciflorum
Common Name: Silver Leaf Jacobs Ladder
Family: Polemoniaceae
Category: Hardy Perennial
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Polemonium pauciflorum, Silver Leaf Jacobs Ladder: Found in the United States and Mexico this rare species of flowering plant is in the phlox family.  Long peachy trumpets with flared creamy yellow inners, each have deep pink markings on the back. These pendulous blossoms are produced  prolifically in the first season when raised from seed. This lovely compact perennial is ideal for the front of the border and makes a great contrast plant with its  finely cut silvery-leaved foliage. Enjoys part shade to shade and is tolerant of poorly drained soils (a real treasure for this fact alone). Will prosper in well drained soil but does not flower as well.  40 cm H x 40 cm W.

Sowing Advice

 Polemonium seed is best sown immediately into a good quality seed raising mix. Just cover the seed with vermiculite or seed raising mix approximately their own depth. Germination can be quicker if kept at 15-20 Degrees C. Keep moist, but not saturated at all times. Natural germination will occur if kept in an unheated poly house or covered seed raising tray.  Many seeds wait for Spring before emerging regardless of when they are sown so please give them a full season of growth before discarding. Once two sets of leaves have formed prick out into 8cm pots and grow on before planting out in the garden.