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Primula elatior


Silver Laced Black’


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Primula elatior ‘Victoriana Silver Laced Black’

Primula elatior ‘Victoriana Silver Laced Black’ is one of the “Holy Grails” for Primula fanciers.
Exquisite posies of velvet black flowers, each laced round the edge with silver.

Exquisite posies of velvet black laced with silver

Primula elatior is the much loved “Oxlip” type of Primula, but the blacks edged with silver are considered the ones to “die for”.
The laced flowers are borne in posies of clustered heads.
And they make exquisite cut flowers (if you can harden your heart enough to pluck them).
Primula elatior ‘Victoriana Silver Laced Black’ takes your breath away in it’s own refined way.

Dainty Victorian Laced Oxlips

These little charmers are known as Victorian Laced Oxlips because they were so wildly popular during Victorian times.
They could be could be grown in a window sill pot by even the most humble cottage gardener, or planted in great shimmering drifts in grand gardens.

Heralds of spring

Clusters of prettily laced flowers sit up very jauntily during late winter and early spring.
So they usher in the joys of spring and enchant with their early flowers.

Treasures for shade

Otherwise unusual Primula elatior ‘Victoriana Silver Laced Black’ is similar to many other Primula in growing its requirements, and not difficult.
So it enjoys positions in Shade to Deep Shade.

Primula elatior is robustly frost hardy.
And enjoys moist and boggy spots or heavier soil, clay based soils, as well as soils generously enriched with compost and leaf mould.

Enchanting in pots or garden

Victorian Laced Oxlips are easy low maintenance plants when planted in a suitable spot or in a cool shaded pot.
They form evergreen perennial clumps of typical Primula foliage, sitting close to the ground as a neat rosette.
Mercifully rabbits and deer are not particularly attracted to Primula, and tend to pass them by on their way to more favourite fodder. Otherwise I may turn murderous if they touched my ‘Victoriana Silver Laced Black’

30cm. High in flower spires x 25cm. Wide evergreen foliage rosette.


Sow Primula elatior ‘Victoriana Silver Laced Black’ indoors in winter, spring or autumn.

(Sowing Tip: Primula seeds are very fine and tiny. So pop a little fine sieved mix or sand into the bag containing the seed, shake around to collect the seed, and then sow the whole contents of the bag).

First sow the seeds in a punnet on surface of good quality seed raising mix.
Then gently pat the surface to ensure the seeds have good contact with the surface of the mix.
But do not cover with mix because these seeds need light to germinate.

Now place the sown, moist punnet in a well lit position (with good light but absolutely no direct sunlight).
And continue to keep consistently moist by misting regularly with a spray water bottle.
Covering with a plastic hat will also help to maintain consistent moisture.

Temperatures of 15-18°C. are best for optimum and rapid germination.

Seedlings emerge in approx. 21-40 days.

However if the seeds are shy to germinate – Then cling wrap the moist sown punnet and place in the  fridge (not freezer) for 4-6 weeks.
Then remove, unwrap and return to well-lit position at 15-18°C. and continue to keep moist.

Seed Count: 5 seeds per pack. (Primula elatior ‘Victoriana Silver Laced Black’ is an unusual treasure not commonly available).

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