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Primula veris Hose in Hose, Hose in Hose  Cowslip: Unlike the normal cowslip, each blossom of these ancient and extremely rare plants has a second blossom growing from within the normal one, producing an intriguing doubling effect. These exquisite flowers were first produced in the 18th century, but sadly were effectively lost to cultivation until recently. They are easily grown in partially shaded areas in wildflower meadows, below deciduous shrubs and trees, on the edge of woodland areas. These late winter spring flowering primula are a great companion’s for early spring  bulbs. Hardy and easy as long as soil remains moist. 20 cm H x 15 cm W.

Sowing Advice-
Primula veris Hose in Hose seed may be sown at any time  onto a quality  seed raising mix, barley cover  seed so that 50% is still visible. Best germination temperature is between 10-15 degrees C.  Temperature exceeding 15 degrees may prevent germination , and above 20 degrees C expect very little germination as most seeds go dormant as a protective measure. Germination takes between 3-6 weeks. Keep seedlings in a cool well lit location to grow on before planting out.

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