Primula vialii


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Common Name: Chines Pagoda Primrose
Seed Count: 150
Family: Hardy Perennial

Stout stems up to 60 cm tall, topped with spires of numerous, tiny, pinkish-purple flowers, which are red at the top of the spike when in bud. The flowers open late summer autumn.. The long crinkly leaves are erect, spear-shaped, softly hairy, and up to 30 cm long. Enjoys partial shade in woodland gardens and does especially well alongside streams or ponds, but can also be grown in open sites providing the soil is moist. 60cm x 25cm.

Sowing Advice

Primula see may be sown at any time  onto a quality  seed raising mix, barley cover  seed so thst 50% is still visible. Best germination temperature is between 10-15 degrees C.  Temperature exceeding 15 degrees may prevent germination , and above 20 degrees C expect very little germination as most seeds go dormant as a protective measure. Germination takes between 3-6 weeks. Keep seedlings in a cool well lit location to grow on.