Pulsatilla vulgaris


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Common Name: Lavender Pasque Flower
Seed Count: 20
Family: Hardy Perennial

Charming upturned lavender flowers in spring  are followed by fluffy seed-heads.  Pulsatilla takes a while to get established and then does not like being disturbed, so plant it in the right spot and leave it alone. If happy, plants will self-seed, so leave the seed heads to allow colonies to build up. Lovely planted amongst spring flowering bulbs. Enjoys full sun, well drained light but humus rich soil. 20cmx 20cm.

Sowing Advice

Seed can be sown at any time but are best sown in winter early spring to experience a cold spell. Sow seed into good quality , moist compost or seed raising mix. Cover with river sand or compost to seeds own depth.  To hasten  process place seed in a polythene bag and placed in fridge at 4 degrees C  for 4 weeks. Then remove from fridge and polythene bag and  in an unheated poly house. Seed should come up in 6-12 weeks, however, they still may take many months to appear so please do not discard tray until the following season.