Salvia apiana


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Salvia apiana

Salvia apiana has spectacular spires of white blooms and aromatic silver-white foliage.
So it is a very distinctive feature in the garden.

Loved by bees, birds & gardeners

Bees and gardeners love it for long blooming right through summer & autumn.
Both native honey-eating birds, and bees and other pollinating insects just love foraging amongst the myriad of dainty white trumpet blooms.
So although each individual flower is only small, they come in such huge, branching heads, that they are truly impressive. The common name of Bee Sage is well deserved because they love it.

Elegance for the garden

While the slender, tall silver shape adds elegance to the garden design.

An ancient sacred herb

Salvia apiana has long been treasured as an ancient, sacred herb. Hence the other common name of Sacred Sage.
Because first nation American peoples burnt the leaves for ceremonial purposes and smudge sticks.

Very hardy in hot & dry

Salvia apiana relishes sun.
It is a very water-wise plant and so an ideal choice for gardeners with limited water.
And it is also hardy in frost, dry & heat and copes in poor soil.


Sow at any time of year in punnets indoors.

First sow the seeds in a punnet on the surface of good quality seed raising mix.
Then pat the seeds gently to the surface to ensure good contact.

Now cover the seeds lightly to same diameter as seed. Using sieved mix, sand or fine grit.
Because light is needed for germination. So do not cover too deeply.

Now continue to keep the sown punnet moist.

Temperatures of 21-25C approx. are best for rapid and optimum germination.

Seedlings begin to emerge in approx. 14-21 days. But do not discard punnet, as desert plants naturally stagger their germination.

SEED COUNT: 10 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the seed count and give a generous serve).

GROWING: Salvia apiana

Height with flowers: 1.8m High in flower spires
Width: 90cm Wide of slender, pointed silver foliage. Salvia apiana is valuable for outstanding silver foliage colour as well as impressive flower spires.

Bloom Season: Long blooming in spires from early summer.
Fragrance: Foliage is pleasantly and strongly aromatic.

Hardy & easy to grow

Position: Thrives in Full Sun. Suits coastal, hot, dry, or windy gardens, and can tolerate some salt exposure.
Water: Water wise. Drought resistant once established.
Frost: Medium frost tolerance to approx. -5C. depending on conditions.
Soil: Tolerates a wide range of soils – including acid, alkaline and neutral pH. But soil must always be well drained. Particularly suited to sandy soils, gravel and coastal positions, as well as good garden loams.
However, Salvia apiana resents boggy conditions or heavy soils.

Growth: Evergreen perennial with decorative silver foliage. Quick growing for an instant effect.
Container: Hardy & easy in a large pot and remains decorative all year with the silver foliage.
Care & Maintenance: Easy care, low maintenance.
Pests & Diseases: Not usually troubled by pests or diseases.
Pruning: Pruning is not essential.
Though an annual hard cut back after flowering has finished at the end of autumn maintains neat growth for next season.
Fertilizer: Do not over-fertilize. This plant is not a heavy feeder.
We recommend to water in with Seasol as you plant in the garden.

Bees, Birds & Pollinators: The myriad of summer flowers are a magnet for bees, butterflies, moths and other beneficial pollinators. Because the masses of tiny trumpet blooms are rich in sweet nectar and pollen. But it is the honey eating native birds who provide the floor show. They just can’t resist foraging in those trumpet blooms, performing somersaults to leave no flower unvisited.

Rabbits & Deer Resistance: Unlikely to be bothered by either rabbits or deer. As they dislike the taste of the high concentration of essential oils in the foliage.
Pet Friendly: Not known to cause ill effects for pets.

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