Salvia argentea


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Common Name: Silver Sage
Seed Count: 30
Family: Hardy Perennial

Grown for its spectacular, large downy silver leaves. These form a neat rosette. Candelabra like branched flowers spikes hold white hooded blooms with a silver calyx. Enjoys full sun in well drained garden. Quite drought hardy one established. Trim spent flower spikes for a long visual, touch and feel display in the garden . 90cm x 60cm

Sowing Advice

Sow the seeds on the surface at any time in good quality seed raising mix and cover them with a light sprinkling of a river sand. Place the in a bright location and keep the seeds moist, but not wet until germination, usually around 21 to 30 days. Continue to keep the soil moist until the first rosette of leaves form. Prick out seedlings into individual, larger pots to grow on. In spring, transplant the plants outdoors after all threat of frost has passed.