Salvia muirii


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Botanical Name: Salvia muirii
Common Name:
 Muirii Sage
Hardy Perennial
Seed Count: 

Salvia muirii – Small compact shrub like evergreen perennial with tiny silver-green leaves. Originating from South Africa this lovely perennial salvia has large sky blue hooded flowers with a white throat  that appear in abundance from late spring through to autumn. The flowers sit well above the cushion of grey foliage. Hardy to heat, dry, cold and frosts and even survives light covering of snow in our garden. Makes an excellent compack hedge and responds well to trimming. Enjoys full sun or 1/2 day of sun. Most soil types.  60cm x 60cm.

Sowing Advice

Sow salvia the seeds on the surface at any time in good quality seed raising mix and cover them with a light sprinkling of a river sand. Place the in a bright location and keep the seeds moist, but not wet until germination, usually around 21 to 30 days. Continue to keep the soil moist until the first rosette of leaves form. Prick out seedlings into individual, larger pots to grow on. In spring, transplant the plants outdoors after all threat of frost has passed.