Sanguisorba tenuifolia var. alba JAPANESE BURNET

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Family- Rosaceae
Size- H: 120cm W: 20cm – 40cm approx.
Full Sun, Partial Shade
Seed Count- 
15 approx.

White fluffy spikes of flower borne on slender stems. Foliage of mid-green pinnate leaves. Height 120cm. Flowering from mid summer to early autumn. Likes well drained moist soil in sun to part shade.

Sowing Advice –
Sow Sanguisorba seed in an unheated poly house. Sow in either spring or autumn onto good quality seed raising mix. Just cover the seeds with fine grit or vermiculite ( sieve to get Fine cover)  Ideal  temperature is  15—20°C. Germination takes 2-4 weeks., but can be erratic and may take longer. If germination has not occurred in 3-4 weeks cold stratify. Place in fridge at 5°C for 2-4 weeks. Then return to warmth. Transplant seedling once large enough to handle to 8cm pots. Plant out as soon as possible once plants are a reasonable size.  Alternately, the seeds may also be sown in during the early part of spring.