Scabiosa drakenbergensis GIANT SOUTH AFRICAN SCABIOUS

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Scabiosa drakenbergensis GIANT SOUTH AFRICAN SCABIOUS –
From the mountains of South Africa this rare new giant has stout broomstick like stems that carry candelabras of ivory white cushions in a long succession during Summer-Autumn. Attractive mid green wrinkled leaves. Relatively dry hardy once established. Full Sun to light shade. 120cm x 60cm.

Sowing Advice-
Sow Giant South African Scabious seed in spring on surface of moist seed raising mix and cover with grit or vermiculite to the seeds own depth. Place in a propagator or warm place and keep at a temperature of 18-21 degrees C. Keep in a well lit area as this helps germination. Keep moist but not saturated. Germination is usually 10-21 days. Prick out when large enough to handle into 75mm pots and grow on. Plant your younger plants after all risk of frost has past.

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