Scutellaria altissima Monk’s Skullcap

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Seed Count- 70 approx.

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Scutellaria altissima Monk’s Skullcap – Soft mauve and white hoods, stacked up 45cm. vertical spikes produced over Spring, Summer and Autumn. Sun-half shade. Old fashioned favourite because it is very hardy, easy care and low maintenance, despite looking so dainty.

Sowing Advice-
Scutellaria altissima Monk’s Skullcap Sow on moist well-drained seed raising mixture. Just lightly cover seed with mix. Light is needed for seed germination. 10-20 degrees C. is optimum temperature if using a heat bed. Germination takes approx. 10-20 days. If germination is slow, place punnet in fridge in plastic bag for 4 weeks then return to heat. Once germinated place a well aired and lit area to grow on.

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